COVID-19 - AI Digital Assistant

COVID-19 - AI Digital Assistant (Beta)

Why a COVID-19 AI Digital Assistant

The recent outbreak of novel corona virus (COVID-19) has introduced new challenges to the health & public sector which calls for a measured, practical and informed approach. Every day, people have many questions, both major and minor, concerning their health condition. A COVID-19 Digital assitant that can offer easier access to coronavirus-specific question-answering to help create awareness.

Our AI enabled platform uses a database compiled from the WHO and other reliable sources of information to answer questions, with regular updates.

We will like to thank all the health & medical officers, practitioners, support team and front-liners who are assisting the people

What can I use it for?

  • Answer COVID-19 FAQs & commonly asked questions
  • Current statistics and updated data from WHO and other reliable websites
  • Re-Confirmation: For complex Questions, it confirms back the question to give the right answer
  • Educative: It will share more info based on questions asked on COVID-19
  • Offering instant answers to your questions on COVID-19
  • Constantly Learn from your feedback

How it can help?

Our platform is a way to make this service more accessible and easy-to-use for the general public. The automated assistance supported by AI will help the medical professionals to reduce their workload by improving people’s access to COVID-19 related information.The AI parses what people ask and responds via text, asking follow up questions if needed to clarify. Along will this, It will share the best practices to facilitate COVID-19 preventive measures.

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